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As you join our gatherings,
please consider the following guidelines:
We have discovered that people have a variety of comfort levels while interacting with others during this crisis.  With this in mind, we have have set up 3 Social Comfort Zones to readily identify how people wish to interact during our gatherings.

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Below is our communication for the first 16 weeks of the crisis.

We begin as family...

 This came from our NAB International Offices today… 

For many, Covid-19 seems to produce two opposite reactions: A kind of cynicism that minimizes the actual risk and ignores those who are most vulnerable to the disease; or a kind of panic and fear that overreacts and stockpiles items for themselves. Neither is the way of Jesus. It was followers of Christ who, in the midst of persecution, would go to the dumps in the Roman Empire and rescue discarded babies from garbage heaps. It was followers of Christ in the midst of the Black Plague who risked their lives to care for the sick and dying. Throughout the history of the church, followers of Jesus Christ have walked right into the dark places of disease, war, famine, and incredible need and created hospitals, orphanages, and other care facilities. This is the way of Jesus.God is already at work in our communities. Covid-19 can be a God-given opportunity to attend to how God is calling us to join Him in His work in our little corner of the world. It would be wonderful to hear some of the stories in your churches where God is at work in these times.”



In light of Governor Newsom's and announcement banning large group gatherings, we wanted to let you know that we are continuing to monitor the situation very closely. In addition, we have also been informed that OUSD has banned the use of their facilities by outside groups.   This means we are NOT allowed to gather at El Modena HS on Sundays for the foreseeable future. 



If you remember a year ago, I opened the service with a mock video about the government shutting churches down in the US due to religious persecution.  We then spent the rest of the hour talking about a strategy to stay family in the midst of Sunday mornings being banned.  Well, it wasn’t persecution that did it, it was a virus and guess what?  WE ARE PREPARED!



  • If you are not apart of a Community group now is a great time to check one out.
  • If you want to try a different community group GO FOR IT!
  • Also, keep your eyes out for those who may be vulnerable or feeling stressed or anxious at this time and invite them to join you. 
Finally, remember to be a witness for Jesus, the Prince of Peace, during this difficult time in our city. and that God is GREAT- so I dont have to be afraid.

Always honored to serve,
714-356-2093 is my mobile if you need to talk!